Safety Regulations & Responsibilities for Landlords

Gas and Electrical Safety Responsibilities for Landlords

The General Products (Safety) Regulations 1994 require that all goods must satisfy general safety provisions. The law requires that all electrical appliances are safe and strongly recommends that they are tested.

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) regulations 1994 and The Plugs & Sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations 1994 state that when an unsafe appliance is found in rented accommodation, Trading Standards check that the landlord or agent has taken all reasonable precautions to avoid supplying an unsafe item. In the event of an incident in a property involving electricity the landlord must be able to demonstrate that his supply and appliances are safe, he can only do this if it is tested professionally. Duty of care demands that this is done on a regular basis, particularly at the point at which the property first becomes available to let.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 state that all let and managed property MUST be annually tested for safety. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in a substantial fine or even, in the worst cases, imprisonment. Only GAS SAFE registered businesses using ACOP qualified engineers can carry out work on gas appliances and piping. All landlords have a DUTY OF CARE to ensure their tenant’s safety. To this end battery operated smoke alarms are advisable. Once a landlord has supplied an alarm the tenant becomes responsible for the battery. Robert Carswell Estate Agents only uses fully qualified contractors to carry out both gas and electrical safety tests.

Fire and Furnishings Regulations for Landlords

Since 1 January 1997, all furniture provided in furnished rented accommodation – houses, flats and bedsits – must meet the fire resistance requirements of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations, 1988.

What products do the regulations cover?

Any of the following items which contain upholstery:

          -     Beds, mattresses and headboards

          -     Sofa beds, futons and other convertibles

          -     Nursery furniture

          -     Scatter cushions, seat pads and pillows

          -     Garden furniture intended for use in a dwelling

          -     Loose and stretch covers for furniture

The regulations do not apply to:

          -     Sleeping bags or loose covers for mattresses

          -     Bed clothes (including duvets) and pillow cases

          -     Carpets and curtains. All furniture and loose and stretch covers must carry a permanent label attached showing the item complies with the Regulations

Information for Overseas Landlords

Section 42a Income and Corporation Tax Act 1988 and Taxation of Income from Land (Non-residents) Regulations 1995, SI 1995 No 2902.

The Non-resident Landlords Scheme is a scheme for taxing the UK rental income of non-resident landlords. The scheme requires UK lettings agents to deduct Basic Rate tax from any rent they collect for non-resident landlords. When working out the amount to tax, the letting agent can take off deductible expenses. Letting agents don’t have to deduct tax if the Inland Revenue tells them non to. The Inland Revenue will tell an agent not to deduct tax if non-resident landlords have successfully applied for approval to receive rents with no tax deducted. But even though the rent may be paid with no tax deducted, it remains liable to UK tax. So non-resident landlords must include it in any tax return the Inland Revenue sends them.

Landlords Guide to Letting a Property

Guide to Landlord Responsibilities

There are a number of safety regulations in place to help protect tenants while they rent a property. These include regulations that cover:

          -     Gas

          -     Electricity

          -     Furnishings

          -     The Building

Becoming a Landlord – Helpful Hints for Property Owners and Landlords

Upon deciding to rent your property:

          -     Apply for mortgage lenders consent

          -     Notify your insurance companies

          -     Obtain gas and electrical appliance safety certificates. (Oil & Solid Fuel C.H Systems must also be checked and serviced annually – record to be kept)

          -     Decide what furniture and / or fittings you intend to leave in the property. It is not advisable to leave bedding, televisions, videos and personal items

          -     Ensure furnishings to be left in the property comply with fire regulations

          -     Carry out any necessary repairs and remove anything potentially dangerous

          -     Make sure the property is in a clean and tidy condition, particularly the kitchen, bathroom, carpets and curtains – as YOU would hope to find it if moving in                  yourself! A Tenant can tell if the property is well cared for and is more likely to look after it during the tenancy if it is clean at the start.

Immediately after you are notified that an application for tenancy has been received by Robert Carswell Estate Agents, please:

          -     Remove all personal items from the property

          -     Remove all unwanted and non-compliant furniture

          -     Ensure that the property is clean and the garden is tidy

          -     Arrange re-direction of your mail via the Post Office

          -     Landlord to inform all utility companies of the change of occupancy along with British Telecom or other supplier that you will not be requiring further use of the        telephone line from the commencement of the tenancy



FULLY MANAGED SERVICE                                                                                                                               £100

Setup fee for rent up to £1000 per calendar month.                                                                                         

The setup fee includes agreeing the set-up fee, finding a suitable

tenant in accordance with the landlords requirements carrying

our viewings, notification of non-residents tax status and proving

guidance on compliance with statutory provisions and lettings consents.

MONTHLY FEE (PERCENTAGE OF MONTHLY RENT)                                                     ( varies from 10% to 15% of the monthly rent )

This is the monthly commission calculated as a percentage of the monthly rent,

for collecting and remitting the monthly rent received, deducting commission

and other works and supplying monthly statements.

Preparation of the Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement,

Deposit Protection service, collection of rent, check-ins and check-outs.

DEPOSIT REGISTRATION FEE                                                                                                                            £25

ANNUAL RENEWAL FEE                                                                                                                                      nil

All tenants deposits must be registered by law with a government authorized scheme.

This fee is for registering the land and tenant details and protecting the security deposit,

and providing the tenant with the Deposit Certificate.

The scheme used by Robert Carswell Estate Agents is Tenancy Deposit Solutions Ltd.

This is renewed each year for an annual fee.

INVENTORY FEE                                           (Varies on size of property)                                                         £50

RENEWAL FEE                                                                                                                                                        £50

If both landlord and tenant agree to renew the tenancy agreement for a further term

CHECK OUT FEE                                                                                                                                                   None

Normal check when tenant vacates the premises

DISCREPANCIES AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY                                                                                          £50

Additional cost for cleaning and repairs will apply.

GAS SAFETY CERTIFICATES                                                                                                                              £65

ELECTRIC CONDITION REPORTS (SUBJECT TO Property/Contractor                                              £80 / £140

NON-RESIDENTS LANDLORDS RECEIPTS TO HMRC                                                                                £100

For providing the annual financial returns and related queries to HMRC.


NOTICE FOR POSSESSION                                                                                                                                 £100

Section 21 and Section 8 Notices. 

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